Most people come to Wise Cats for the art but end up staying for the community.

In the par, Not straying from the project's original intentions, the storytelling will unravel the three new NFT collections that are intrinsically intertwined. The Wise Cats brand was born to dominate in the digital and in the real world. This is just the beginning.

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The new team, Tagz and Stace have ambitious plans that truly celebrate the art. The Fallen Cat Collection is the first step forward into the brave new world. The artist has delved deep into the mystical and ancient realms to create an absolute masterpiece. This is just the beginning!


Why join the Wise Cats Community?

Why not? Culture, good vibes and an appreciation for art is the only thing we ask. The community really is filled with creatives who go above and beyond for their fellow Wise Cats lovers.

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Our Roadmap


How can I get a Wise Cat?

You can purchase on Magic Eden and Alpha Art

What is the Supply?

There are 3936 Wise Cats, plus the new collections including The Fallen Cat Collection.

Why so Many Collections?

They are all intrinsically intertwined. The lore will unravel a lot of what is to come.

How much is $KLIM worth?

$KLIM is part of the Wise Cats ecosystem. It currently does not have a financial value. It does not have a liquidity pool but it will in future.

How do I get one of The Fallen Cat Collection?

3 Wise Cats and $KLIM token. Send them off on a knowledge harvesting mission and you have a chance of returning with one from The Fallen. Your Wise Cats will return to your wallet.